"The search of Icelandic magic." Nymphs, maidens, fairies, reindeers ... the images originated from the word "Valtari". All beings need magic, miracles, and sacred something that makes the heart beat faster, like an echo of ringing childish glockenspiel wandering in the valley of the northern mountains .
Sleeping reality, realistic dream... Dreams to visit fabulous Iceland where for sure elves live. Message in a bottle, floating to its destination. Choice. Hope. Victory Roses. Valtari.
Life with Sigur Ros in soul. Magic life.
So why did I choose this song? Probably because of little rainbow fairies. It's easier for them to dance with it and their wings are heaved slowly by the first dawn wind in woven lights of rising sun.

Directed by Angela Bogachenko

Angela Bogachenko
Zoryana Tarasyuta
Alyona Kvitko
Sasha holod

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