John Thompson & Partners is delighted to announce that it has been named one of the winners of the Moscow Expansion design concept competition as part of the Capital Cities Planning Group team.

The film presented here is a summary of this submission.

The competition, run by the Mayor’s Office, awarded three prizes for best design solutions: (1) Moscow
metropolitan area, (2) the development of Moscow and (3) the new federal government centre.

John Thompson & Partners, as part of the Capital Cities Planning Group (CCPG) team, was awarded the best solution for the new federal government centre.

Earlier this year the Russian Federal Government announced that it was doubling the territory of Moscow to enable it to grow into a competitive 21st century world capital. In response, Genplan, Moscow’s city planner, earmarked an area of 155km2 to the south-west of the city for a new Federal Government Centre, aiming to relieve the inner-city through the relocation of the capital’s major employer. As a result, the expansion will see Moscow double in size to create a ‘metropolitan federal district’. CCPG winning proposal calls for a new ‘City in the Forest’ for 1.7 million people, providing 800,000 new jobs over the next generation with a focus around the ‘Triple Helix of Government, Education and Business’. The new layout reconfigures the 155 km2 and looks to create an integrated, properly-planned urban hierarchy served by a transit-orientated movement system.

The Capital Cities Planning Group includes:
Urban Design Associates - Pittsburgh, USA;
John Thompson & Partners - London, UK;
Gillespies - Glasgow, UK;
Beasley Associates - Vancouver, CANADA;
Nelson Nygaard - San Francisco, USA;
Buro Happold - Copenhagen, DENMARK;
Stuart Gulliver - Glasgow, UK;
Group Ark - Moscow, RUSSIA

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