DGC Media for 2009 presents a new Educational Series dedicated to interact directly with our customer, This series are dedicated to help you with you procedures of reballing, rework, from the beginning.
Chose the right machine for the job, the right accessories and parts and perform a clean cut procedure that guarantees the best functionality for the chips and motherboards.
This is just a video of the USE of the T-862++ 3 in 1.
This machine can work with kind of chips from 25 to 45mm.
BGA , Mini BGA - SMT - SMD - SOP - QFP - SOJ - PLCC With an infrared area of basic 20 * 45 mm , and 9 Kg of weight, this is the medium class of the Multi Purpose IC INFRARED IRDA Welders.
650W of heating power, Output of 800W and a heating plate of 120*120mm.This rework station is ESD-Safe
and it is made of metal and coated with a static-dissipative paint and allows for Soldering and desoldering all types of chips, is the most recommended one for the:
Intel 945
GPU Xbox and HANA Chips
Get it Today:


Power Voltage: 220V AC or 110V
Power Consumption: 800W (Max.)
Preheating Area: 120*120mm (Max.)
Leakage Voltage of Iron Tip: 0.5mV
Standard Iron Tip: AT-900M
Tip of Iron Temperature: 100℃-350℃

Also Dragon Group China R & D developed the RBSN3 , Reballing Station N 3, for 75 mm in-mold-static net procedure.
That you can get with Squeezing Pen, Masking Tape and Insulation tape, directly from the Makers to you. Also all the Stencils: Universal, Plain and Special, for all your needs.
Soldering Station Welder Rework Puhui 862++ 862 862D++ 862D 862D+ T-862 T-862++ T862 T862++ T-862D T870 T-870 T-870A T870A T860 T-860 Infrared IC Heater T962A T-962A T962 T-962 Preheating T-8120 T-8120 T-835 835 T835 Manufacture Taian China Factory Chinese Technology DGC BGA Mini QFP SOP PLCC SOJ Iron ELECTRICITY IRDA INFRARED Reballing Xbox HANA Intel 945 ATI Envidia Chips GPU

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