I picked up a Vivitar DVR 840XHD HD Flash Camcorder from Radioshack the other day for $199 for possible use in my wedding. I'm having trouble converting the AVI files on my Mac, or even playing it without choppiness, so I thought I would upload it here to check the quality against some other cameras I was looking into seeing as I couldn't find a sample anywhere else on the internet for this.

This is in full 1080p mode, recording to the built in harddrive (so no SD card speed to blame).

Looks to be really inferior quality when compared to even a good quality standard definition cam.

Low light is horrid, colored streaks and fuzzy pixels abound.

We'll see how it looks on Vimeo, but as of right now I'm just really happy I asked about the return policy before buying this. I know I shouldn't have expected much at this price range, but I'm broke from everything else a wedding entails, so I was hoping for a diamond in the rough.

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