The President Obama Effect is the story about the effect that the Obama campaign had on a group of community organizers and a few of the young people that they mentor in the City Of Pittsburgh in the "Battle Ground" state of Pennsylvania.

Take a ride with members of "One HOOD" as they organize to stop the violence that has engulfed Pittsburgh's black community while they work hard to ensure that those same communities have the opportunity to have their voices heard at the polls.

The Obama Effect is not just another Documentary about President Barack Obama, It is a collection of diverse media created during the period of a few months prior to President Obama's announcement that he was running for President, right up until his historic Inauguration.

The collection includes films, photography, audio, campaign memorabilia, newspapers, magazines and original art, there's even a blue Obama Terrible Towel from the Pittsburgh Steelers and a Spider Man/Obama comic book throw in for good measure!

In this segment Loric Frye (a teenager from the streets of Pittsburgh who never voted before) get's denied at the polls. He had worked for months registering people to vote and have their voice heard and on election day is told that he was disqualified. Khari Mosley and Paradise Gray come to his aide and he get's to vote for the very first time.

Author Jeff Chang wrote a very popular article about this incident for, it has been re-posted on thousands of web-sites: "It's A New Day" - By Jeff Chang

Produced, Directed and Post Production By Paradise Gray (One Hood Media) and Sherman Leeper (Big Studio)

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