A short teaser video of some SKBC riders I shot for a class assignment. It is my first attempt at creating a video and is an example of my work and ideas of what I'd like to create. It is possible that this could turn into a much bigger project for I have many ideas and will keep on capturing photographs and video.
I appreciate any suggestions.

If you don't know who Bad Brains is, you should. They are a highly energetic, acclaimed a positive punk band from Washington, DC. They have been around since 1977 and are still tour and shaping the punk rock genre and music industry. The song "Big Takeover" can be found on their '91 remixed album "Rock for Light".

Also, if you're in the Denver area, come race with SKBC at the end of every month at the Denver Chain Chase. Visit our Facebook page facebook.com/DenverChainChase for information on what's upcoming or to support.

Check out my website mikebognerphotography.com

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