Forget what you're used to seeing.

When his wife Julia is killed in an explosion at a mob warehouse, the world of artist Oliver Allen (Ryan Dunlap) literally turns gray as he begins to suffer from achromatopsia - the inability to see color.

The Mob is after him. Gavin Calhoun (Tim Russ of Star Trek: Voyager, Samantha Who?), is intent on two things: avenging the death of his son who also died at the warehouse; and finding out what Oliver knows about a dead undercover cop who penetrated the Family who happened to be Julia's father (Anthony Tyler Quinn of Boy Meets World, No Greater Love).

With Calhoun's murderous lieutenant, Jamison (Doug Jones of Hellboy 1 & 2, Pan's Labyrinth, and Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer) on his trail, Oliver is found by a mysterious woman named Rachel (Marisa Draeger) promising answers to his shaded history, sending the tortured artist on a desperate quest to put together the clues that lead him down a trail filled with betrayal, death, and the possibility that his wife might actually still be alive.

GREYSCALE is a Neo-Noir Thriller in the tradition of Brick, Memento, Unknown, Lucky Number Slevin, and the 1950 classic D.O.A.

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