Tonight - everyone you love will experience the impermanence of life at the exact moment as you. There is no particular reason why the world ends. It just does. So, what would you do if you knew tonight was the last night of the world?

This video was inspired by Ray Bradbury’s short story ‘The Last Night of the World’. I was in my so-called rebellious teenage years the first time I read Bradbury’s story. I started asking a lot more questions at this time. Why do we experience life and why do we experience death? Religion always told me what judgment I will face but no one ever asked me what I thought about life, death, and the afterlife. We all know this topic leads to a heated debate over an imaginary board room table like there must be a mandatory solution. We lose friendships and make new ones over opinions as if they are fact. If tonight was the last night of the world, would it matter who was right and who was wrong? Who would you spend your last moments of life with? Would you do something you always wanted to do or would you go about your day like any other? Essentially, the family in this video chose to celebrate life together and go about their day like any other – with laughter and love.

There was no budget for lighting or actors for this project. All footage was captured at my girlfriend's family reunion in Minnesota. Although the family was aware I was recording, all moments are genuine.

Deep gratitude and love for the Casey / Napuck / Henrickson families for allowing me to capture their reunion.

If I knew tonight was the last night of the world, what would I do?

Laugh a lot with my loved ones and call it a day.

Music - Sigur Ros 'Varuo'

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