Hey friends! In this brief clip, I wanted to post a short inside-look at the before & after process of editing the new Chip Hanna Multicam music video. (re-posted, as I needed to make a correction to the aspect ratio of the original upload! Doh!)

As mentioned previously, everything was captured to 5 separate cameras, all running at different frame sizes, frame rates and pixel aspect ratios. The venue was incredibly dark, so this posed a great challenge (especially for the DV and sub-DV cameras we used). The audio was originally captured on the cameras, but front of house masters were eventually delivered, remixed, remastered, and re-synchronized back into the video.

When the actual edit was completed, I handed it over to my good friend Max Hagelstam (a/k/a, Magic Max) who noise reduced, color corrected, processed, re-formatted, and re-sync'd the entire project before applying the finished 'western look' to the entire video.

The full video will be posted shortly; but in the meantime, here's a piece of Chip Hanna's "Just A Cowboy"

Personnel: Chip Hanna - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals; Tony Martinez - Acoustic Bass, Vocals

Cameras: Greg Rewis, Jason Levine, Sunny Thaper
FOH Audio Capture: Jack Maverick
Audio Restoration/Remix: Jason Levine
Video Restoration/CC/Finishing: Max Hagelstam

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