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Mobile design is hard, and there are many challenges to talk about. When deciding between mdot, RWD or Mobile First, you probably read a lot about media queries, box-shadows, javascript support and more.

However, your mobile design decision also comes with performance implications. Each design philosophy has some obvious and some less obvious bottlenecks. Do you redirect three times before getting to your mdot site? Does your mobile page weigh 2 MB because of its responsive design? Does it take forever to enhance your mobile first site on a desktop?

This session will go over the main bottlenecks each approach has, and offer some do's and don'ts. We'll take apart some real world websites, share some tricks and browser implementation insights, and show what was the RIGHT way to do things.

By the end of the presentation, you'll be able to factor performance into your mobile design decision, and know how to make your mobile website - regardless of how you designed it - as fast as it can be.

Presented by Guy Podjarny at the Breaking Development Conference held in April 2012 in Orlando, FL.

Guy Podjarny, or Guypo for short, is a web performance researcher and evangelist, constantly chasing the elusive instant web. Guy focuses heavily on mobile web performance, and regularly digs into the guts of mobile browsers. Guy is also the author of Mobitest, a free mobile measurement tool, and contributes to various open source tools. Guy was previously the co-founder and CTO of, recently acquired Akamai.

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