Documentation of a test for the special effect 03 to happen during the interruption between sequence 3 (Atlantis) and sequence 4 (New York). Work commissioned by PICA (Portland Institute for Contemporary Art), Portland, OR, USA, for the inaugural of the Institute, March 2000.

My first attempt of a searching light.

L'Architecture du Paradis is a spatialized installation involving a series of 5 video sequences projected onto four wide walls, whose projections are periodically interrupted by sound and light effects.

The sequences depict five ideal cities. Their order of appearance is:
Babylon, Jerusalem, Atlantis, New York, Paradise.

There are 3 main problematics involved:
• The major archetypes that historically and mentally permeate the Western world, as successive counterpoints to dreams of happiness: the lost paradise (the Temple, in other words, the tomb, and Eden, the garden of Earthly Delights) or the promised land (the Celestial City: the ideal city, the egalitarian society, the great march of progress, the global planet of communication, etc.)
• The notions of political transparency and access, or exclusion.
• The status of the invisible.

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