We all love a good story, which is why storytelling has been a part of our communication for thousands of years. In May Creative Capital looked at the art and science of storytelling to uncover how you tell a good story, the different ways you can tell one, and how they can help us to understand the world we live in a little bit better. CC also explored the visual stories, digital storytelling and the psychology behind a good story.

With a great line up, guest speakers included, Ann Danylkiw, Leela Jesus Vignolli de Mello, Dr. Ben Shenoy and Ali Ganjavian.

This event took place at the Hospital Club on Monday 28 May 2012.

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Ann Danylkiw
Ann Danylkiw is a freelance information mediator and PhD student at Goldsmiths College, Institute of Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurialism. Her PhD topic is a work in progress, "Digital Storytelling for interactive journalistic documentary: implications for learning." Her research has lead her to develop a set of literacies for a digital age. She lives out-loud online on most platforms @annlytical, her tag-line is "question everything".

Leela Jesus Vignolli de Mello
Leela is fascinated with people and the way they live their lives, that´s why she studied photography and cultural & social anthropology. She loves good stories and tries to capture them in her pictures, exploring different layers of meaning. Since 2010 she lives and works in London.

Dr. Ben Shenoy
Ben is a hybrid: a psychologist and an engineer; a speaker and a writer; a behavioural researcher and a (lapsed!) management consultant. He helps organizations apply insights into how both people & organizations actually behave - not how we think they behave - to a variety of business dilemmas. He does this through a mixture of executive education, speaking engagements & applied research. He holds a PhD in Organizational Behaviour & Social Psychology awarded jointly by Harvard University’s Psychology Department and Business School.

Ali Ganjavian
Best friends and professional partners Key Portilla Kawamura and Ali Ganjavian have developed since 2006 a rich repertoire of entrepreneurial projects in the field of creativity. These initiatives, rooted in different parts of the world, range largely in size, scale and format but all share the common ethos of transdisciplinarity and innovation. Highlights include kawamura-ganjavian (award winning architecture/design firm), Studio Banana (multidisciplinary creative platform), Studio Banana Cultural (organisation promoting dialogue between creative disciplines) and most recently Studio Banana Productions (transforming the most impossible idea into a possible reality).

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