Let me mourn some more of that story
It makes my heart barren ground
From witch I no longer wish to grow
Dried dead with arousing pain
And I'm about to give up
My airs of despair are dancing by
And my shoulders are heading south

Far beyond my flesh lies some untold pain
And I realise that speaking its truth will never heal
And I realise that speaking its truth will never ever heal

What else could I complete
made fragile yet settled down
This pain devours me
Someday I'll be informed that I drowned

check around what you desire
The distance devours me here

And those scars are not even pretty
Spread over my skinny chest
I collapse for once inside myself

Yet comes no better end
Dusty shades on the eyes
Even if you fucker messed me like a whore
Men of town
Men of shores
My fuckin heart's in your town boy

Here is one thing done
I plant another life
A season for weepers
A reason to give up

1) A Season For Weepers
2) DIRECTOR Mr X & Mr J for Fanadeep
3) WRITER Mr X & Mr J for Fanadeep
4) PRODUCER Bragui Pufferfish
6) COUNTRY France
7) GENRE Music video

Gripman: julien Barret

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