For this project we had to create matte painting, model a simple spaceship and have it blast off.

As anyone who's seen St. Louis knows, while these buildings are all in the downtown area, all of them aren't located where they are shown in the video above.

Still if you weren't aware, I think it presents a passable cityscape, and I was relatively pleased with my first attempt at matte painting. It's one of the first things in this block that has REALLY interested me, so I plan on doing more of them in the future.

Some of the features of the painting are actually animated. Notice the subtle movements of the water in the fountain and also the clouds drifting slowly across the sky.

Pretty happy with the particle effects from the ship. I think I'm gonna try to tweak the ship a little more and get it to look a bit more "realistic."

Also want to try to add some birds in the sky as well. Our instructor showed a cool technique to create some animated birds out of 3 simple vector shapes.
Can't wait to try it.

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