A beautifully traditional wedding with a great groomsman and stunning bride.

"My fiance and I could not decide if we should get a videographer for our wedding. We felt that since we had already hired a photographer that those photos would be enough to help us remember our special day. Honestly, we felt that having a video would be a waste of money. It was my soon to be mother-in-law that convinced us to go ahead with hiring a videographer. It really was the best thing we did. We absolutely love our photos, but watching the video brought back so many more memories. It was amazing to experience the heartfelt speeches all over again. It's definitely something that we look forward to showing our children and hopefully grandchildren.

In choosing Mike and Eric we watched some other wedding videos that they had filmed and edited. When watching these videos, we felt as though we were guests at the weddings when in fact, we didn't know these couples at all. It then became evident to us that Mike and Eric really tried to capture the feeling and emotions of the entire event.

Our only concern about hiring a videographer was that we were worried about feeling like cameras would be in our faces throughout the entire day. We were worried that the bright lights would take away the romantic feeling of exchanging our vows. We were absolutely wrong! Mike and Eric managed to capture every moment without making themselves obviously seen. We were shocked that they got the footage that they did. When joking with Mike about this after the wedding he said that, "they have really great zoom-in lenses". They must have because I rarely remember seeing them. In fact, when they were leaving at the end of the night, I asked them if they had enough footage. They laughed and said that they had way more than they needed.

From the moment that Mike and Eric entered my home they were very careful to stay out of the way as everyone was getting ready and talking. They were very creative in filming the exterior our our first home (the house that we watched be built from an empty lot). They even incorporated some of our photo albums into our video that showed all of the exciting events in the year leading up to the wedding.

Everyone who talked to Mike and Eric at the wedding said that they were very kind, courtious and had a great sense of humour. My fiance and I are thrilled with Mike and Eric's work. It was obvious to us that they really enjoy what they're doing and take their jobs very seriously. After watching the video, we felt like movie stars!

Thank you for being such an important part of our memorable day. And, thanks to you, we'll never forget it!"

- Stephanie

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