Sweden for Beginners
Ongoing since 2010

The audiovisual performance Sweden for Beginners is an imaginative journey, calling forth a surreal account of the country Sweden. The performance is based on live improvisation, through which audiovisual material from field recordings and archives are combined into electronically engendered phantasms. Sounds and images from Swedish everyday life, from objects and landscapes are entangled with twisted stereotypes like Bergmanesque gloom, erotica and nature romanticism.

The video by Anders Weberg is based on field recordings in various contexts in Sweden made solely with a mobile phone. During the performance, the material from the field recordings is transformed into a dreamlike, organically fragmented and layered visual expression.

The sound by Robert Willim is based on soundscapes from Swedish everyday life, sounds from The Folklife Archives in Lund, Sweden, as well as electronically generated sounds. The sounds are broken up, processed and remixed into multitextured compositions that to some extent are sonic counterparts to Weberg’s fragmented and organic imagery.

Sweden for Beginners is related to a number of other works by Weberg and Willim, like the still ongoing series of city-specific films Elsewhereness, or earlier works like Surreal Scania (2006), Being There (2006) and Domestic Safari (2007). All of these deal with ideas about imaginary geographies, and the non-representation. They can be seen as experiments in world making and the rendering of culture, evoking parallel worlds that are ephemerally connected to places that are alluded to in the works.

SfB will only be performed live.

The current set is around 40 minutes.

see: willim-weberg.com for more info and contact.

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