This is Happening Right Now at Little Mountain Housing in Vancouver.

Watch this short video and decide if you want to take action to stop BC Housing from evicting its most vulnerable tenants, for no conscionable reason.

The BC Housing and the Holborn Group claim that the site needs additional testing for groundwater contamination, following the extraction of the last buried oil tanks on the site. This is FALSE information.
According to BC Environment the site is clean of contaminants. There is no further testing requested.
If the government and developer want to do further testing (of 3 months duration according to their press release), they have 18 months in which to accomplish it - without evicting the last and most vulnerable tenants.

Go to BC Housing's website and look at their "Commission Accountabilities" on Page 2.

How far does this eviction deviate from their mandate?
What is the REAL REASON for this final round of evictions, prior to the Rezoning Stage (18 months) of the redevelopment process?

In my opinion, no ethical or responsible government agency would act in this manner at this time.
If you wish to hold BC Housing accountable, and stop the eviction of Sammy and Joan, sent your messages today to the Minister of Housing, BC Housing, The Mayor and Councillors of the City of Vancouver, and major news outlets.

For more information and email lists go to
**I'm currently uploading a list of who to send your letters to.

David Vaisbord
Documentary Filmmaker

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