Since its humble beginnings in a Brooklyn bunker in 1994, WordSound has distinguished itself as a unique and exceptional creative enterprise. Despite releasing 65 albums of uncompromising originality, diversity, and power. they remain far below the radar, even in our information age where the internet exposes everything.

In 2004, WordSound celebrated a decade as a Mighty Unseen Force in music with the DVD release of WS50: The Video Album, featuring The Greatest Thing You Never Heard, a “Dub”-umentary.

This film, like the label, is difficult to pin down. It’s as much a personal journey seen through the eyes of Skiz Fernando as it is a musical tribute to different styles and approaches. Skiz remains “The Eye” behind WordSound, churning out records by his
alter-ego Spectre, The Ill Saint; writing books (like 1994’s The New Beats: Exploring The Music, Culture & Attitudes of Hip-Hop) and making guerilla films armed with only a clear vision, sheer will, and cojones of steel.

Follow him as he bounces around space and time like a cosmic fly on the wall showcasing artists you never heard of like Mentol Nomad, Scotty Hard, Mr. Dead, Leon Lamont, MC Paul Barman, DJ KLOS, Spectre, Sensational, and Prince Charming--each representing different facets of the WordSound multiverse, where talent and a reverence for the artform runs deep. Along with cameos from Bill Laswell, Prince Paul, RZA, Wu Tang Clan, EPMD, DJ Premier, Jungle Brothers, Sly & Robbie, Scientist, Lee Perry, and the Last Poets, all of whom have contributed to the mix in one way or another, The Greatest Thing You Never Heard proves itself a true adventure into uncharted realms of sound.

In addition to the dubumentary, the WS50 DVD (available at includes an exclusive interview with legendary bassist/producer Bill Laswell, who financed the initial releases on WordSound as well as being a long-time collaborator. There are also three music videos, including Spectre’s “Pillars Of Smoke,” Prince Paul’s “Booty Clap,”and the Metabolics’ “M Virus;” and the trailer for the film Crooked, also written, produced and directed by Skiz Fernando and available on DVD.

"WS50: The Video Album –10th Anniversary Edition"
Cat#: WSCD-050
Format: DVD
Price: $10.99 distro/ $11.99 Store
Ship Date: Available Now
UPC Code: 6 13285 9512 2
The Greatest Thing You Never Heard
A Few Words from Bill Laswell
Crooked: The Hype (Official Trailer)
Bonus Music Videos
Pillars of Smoke – Spectre feat. Sensational
The M-Virus – Metabolics
Booty Clap – Prince Paul

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