Directed by Jake & Josh

Creative Director: David Wilson
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Jake & Josh took on the mammoth task of documenting the month-long creation of David Wilson's ambitious sculptural project for Guinness, a monumental physical record of the brewery's 250 year history commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi London as part of their "Made of More" campaign. David designed and curated the monument, collaborating with a hand-picked team of talented designers, illustrators and sculptors brought together to create a three dimensional tableau depicting Guinness' heritage.

The film honours the immense level of skill that went into the creation of the twelve foot solid ash plinth and floating light sculpture, from the illustrators sketching out designs to the team of craftsmen working tirelessly to carve the intricate designs into the surface of the wood. Capturing the process on film has created a lasting record of a one-of-a-kind physical piece, which is housed at the Guinness brewery in Dublin.

The artists and craftsmen shown in the film contributing to the monument include Sam & Arthur, Robert Hunter, Bradley Jay, Micah Lidberg, Village Green, Corin Johnson, Jethro Haynes, Benedict Hughes, Alex Simpson and Jason Bruges Studio with Lost Values.

The project was conceived and created by Jonathan Santana and Xander Smith at Saatchi & Saatchi London.

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