a photo exhibition by Mustafa Sabbagh styling by Simone Valsecchi
supported by Slam Jam and Incase

soundtrack: Luca Selvaggio
director/camera/editing: Marco Marzocchi

The 200 numbered and signed copies of Hidden Souls include the photographs of the Italian-Georgian photographer Mustafa Sabbagh, part of the exhibition at the Slam Jam Store in Ferrara that opened on June 6th 2012. The project in collaboration with stylist Simone Valsecchi is the ideal continuation of the exhibition Memorie Liquide at Museo Boldini opened on May 19th and sadly interrupted by the earthquake in Emilia.

Two photographs reprinted from the previous exhibition will be showed in the Store - representing the link between the two events – along with a series of new portraits. Uncanny and unreal alien figures, with a martial attitude, superheroes of the future or else ancient samurai. Characters who evoke a world of symbols and inhabit a twilight zone, barely visible behind the grey background.

The “armours” designed in a large part by Valsecchi cover naked human bodies with unthinkable structures hiding faces and emotions, their distinguishing traits. The masks are made out of various sneaker models. Uppers’ colours and clear forms, elements in rubber and leather, contrast with the dark blue-green light of the works. Various shades of colours and emotions characterize the different works by Sabbagh. It is one of the most peculiar elements of his poetics, as well as the alternation of natural landscapes and human figures as subjects to portray.

The 12 shots of Hidden Souls represents a summary of Mustafa’s experiences as an art and fashion photographer, of the years working with Richard Avedon and of all the projects and collaborations with major fashion institutions, media and brands.

The partnership between Hidden Souls and Incase is the result of the brand’s cultural background, its natural interest in creativity as manifested through music, fashion, design, art and photography. Incase shows how style and function can perfectly match, through the optimization of transportation of photography equipment and accessories. Design elements, research and study of technical solutions have turned Incase into a leader of camera bags market.

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