This is the official music video for 'Antichrist Dub' song.
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Idea behind this short horror film was to create disturbing images that will work on subliminal level. It represents conflicts inside a twisted mind of a man that has lost his sanity.
This is the first video I've ever worked on. It's a stop motion animation made with aproximately 3000 photo shots. Entire video was shot with Canon EOS 300d. I filmed it on several locations in the city of Budva, Montenegro.

Dialogue used in song is from Lars Von Trier's film 'Antichrist'.

Music: Masturbeator-Antichrist Dub
Photographers: Andrija Krivokapić(Masturbeator) & Sasa Lazović
The doll maker: Bojan Petričević
Screenplay, editing, post production: Andrija Krivokapić
Director: Andrija Krivokapić

Big thanks to Saša Lazović and Andrej Nedeljković( ) for huge help on the set :) ! I couldn't have done this without you!

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