This is part of a series of lectures by me, Annabelle Lukin, linguist at the Centre for Language in Social Life, Macquarie University. The lectures are designed to accompany An Introduction to Functional Grammar, by Halliday and Matthiessen. Other talks in this series:

Chapters 1&2
An introduction to An Introduction to Functional Grammar

A map of language: basic concepts for the study of language

Five principles of constituency

Understanding the clause

Chapter 3
Clause as message PART 1

Clause as message PART 2

Chapters 4 & 10
Clause as exchange PART 1

Clause as exchange PART 2

Chapter 5
Clause as representation PART 1

Clause as representation PART 2

Chapter 6
Below the clause: groups and phrases

Chapter 7
Above the clause PART 1/2

Above the clause PART 2/2

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