Dunya: the first in The Meccan Opening Music Film Series

Directed by Mustafa Davis:::Original Music by Mikaal Sulaiman:::Director of Photography by Jeff Corrales

the term “music film” is a term that was developed between i and film director, Mustafa Davis. we have teamed up to produce the series of video that will bring my album, Meccan Openings to the screen. they are too much like short films to be called music videos and too much like music videos to be called short films. hence, music film.

the other defining characteristic of this project is that all of the music films follow a narrative, albeit an abstract one, that traverses a winding path in an exploration of ego, heart, soul and spirit. the album itself has a strong narrative and Mustafa’s music films will usher that narrative onto the screen. i am very excited about the endeavor. we know it is a daunting task, no doubt, but one we look forward to engaging. i hope you find good in them.

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