Added Value? is a touring exhibition by the Crafts Council that questions the value of contemporary craft within the current landscape of branding and luxury. It showcases high-quality and bespoke work from makers Zoe Arnold, Bompas & Parr, carréducker, Simon Hasan, Tracy Kendall and Oliver Ruuger.

Our beautifully shot films capture the processes of each of these makers and focus on a different theme that links craft and value. Each film features a brief introduced by Bruce Montgomery, Professor of Design and Craftsmanship at Northumbria University.

Direction: Christopher Thomas Allen and Tim Cowie
Producer: Alice Ceresole
Assistant Producer: Annie Kwan
Production Assistant: Bea Wilson
Camera: Christopher Thomas Allen, Tim Cowie and Jai Rafferty
Editors: Christopher Thomas Allen, Tim Cowie and Helen Omand


What is the relationship between skill and value? The maintenance and evolution of skills, whether new or traditional, is at the core of all work. Many factors influence our judgement of the value of a skill. Its value is in proportion to our need for it, our respect for it, our desire for it and whether or not we possess that skill ourselves.

In a world where skills are increasingly mechanised and we are dependent on a cycle of production from which we are removed, does the skill of the maker's hand have greater worth? Are the works that result from its application of a higher quality?


Estonian-born designer Oliver Ruuger produces innovative, elegant fashion accessories, which play with traditional functional forms and designs. His London studio specialises in labour-intensive luxury pieces, which are both sculpture and product. He employs exquisite natural materials and a high level of multidisciplinary craftsmanship. Traditional leather-working skills combine with high-tech processes such as laser-cutting and 3D-printing. Does Ruuger's choice of materials and techniques add value?

Ruuger graduated from the London College of Fashion with an MA in Fashion Artefact. He won a Brooks Brothers Design Award in 2007, and he was an ITS finalist and winner of Best Accessories Collection in 2011.

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