“Gmund for Food” is a natural paper that’s been tested and certified (EG Nr. 1935/2004) to be safe for contact with dry, moist and oily foods. Its tempting design whets people’s appetites for outstandingly packaged delicacies.

A feast for the eyes – that’s as true of an appetizingly arranged plate of food as it is for appropriately packaged foodstuffs. “Gmund for Food” are natural papers in appetizing colors such as Sugar, Caramel, Dark Chocolate or Taste of Gold that call to mind aromatic coffee, fragrant tea or luscious pralines.

When consumers stand in front of a shelf of groceries, they consciously or unconsciously reach for packages that call to mind ideas of freshness and high quality and give them the feeling that they’ll be taking home a natural and wholesome product. That’s why Gmund created a natural paper that’s not only safe for use with foodstuffs and boasts an uncommonly decorative design, but also whets the appetite for the contents of the package. This is even more important because the outer package is the first thing a potential buyer sees. This crucial first impression impresses the character of the foodstuff into the consumer’s memory. Packages encourage product recognition, foster trust in a product and make consumers curious to discover the culinary pleasures awaiting them inside the package.

Earthy, natural hues from Gmund allude to the rich harvest that Mother Earth gives us. “Gmund for Food” paper is certified to be safe for contact with foodstuffs. Its warm, mild colors and delightful texture harmonize with the sensually pleasurable characteristics of scrumptious chocolate, aromatic coffee or enchantingly fragrant spices. The high quality of the paper is further underscored by the high standards upheld in its manufacturing. After thorough testing in a certified laboratory, this paper has earned the right to bear the seal of “foodstuff safe” – proof that it can safely come into contact with foodstuffs, thus guaranteeing carefree culinary pleasure.

Although “Gmund for Food” has been specially manufactured to comply with the strict regulations specified for use with foodstuffs, it can also serve as attractive packaging for cosmetics or can be used like ordinary paper, i.e. for brochures or cards.

The colors – Sugar, Salt, Caramel, Green Apple, Peppermint, Dark Chocolate and Taste of Gold – can be combined with many different surface embossments and special effects in weights ranging from 100 to 300 g/m² so that (by request and for orders of 200 kg or more) an even wider variety can be created. Just as the imagination and the delights of the senses know no limits, so too there are practically no limits to the beautiful appearances and diverse applications of “Gmund for Food.”

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