Debates globally discuss if Greece, a Country in crisis, should stay or leave Europe.

A limit is never static, precisely and mere. It is a pliable notion and continually alterable. A limit can be described as a point, an edge or a line over which something or one cannot proceed. Here, the line symbolizes the limit – as – threshold between two different situations and the perceptions of these, two singular existential levels after all.

A slow pace with steady steps implies an absurd safeness. Vehicles move in opposite directions from either side of the course. The velocity of the vehicles changes, as they decelerate and then accelerate. The line of the course appears without beginning and end, suggesting an inexistence of explicit beginning and terminal points. The walk on the line implies a non-selection of one of the two indicative situations. It symbolizes a transition and the criticality of it, while it discloses the limit as experience, acceptance of a situation. The non-definition of the movement’s duration renders the line infinite. The line continues and disappears in the background.

Performance duration: 24min
Video duration: 6.24min

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