Welcome to Critical Thinking on GayChicagoTV! I’m your host Waymon Hudson and each episode we’ll be bringing you in-depth discussions with news makers & opinion shapers on all things political in the LGBT community.
•On our next episode, we’ll be talking pure politics and SuperPACs, specifically the new Lesbian SuperPAC “LPAC”, which is the first political action committee focused directly on amplifying the political power of the lesbian community. I’ll interview LPAC chair and spokesperson Sarah Schmidt about the group’s mission, the races they are throwing their support behind, and why having women’s voices in politics is vital for our country.
•And be sure to stick around as always for Waymon’s Wrap Up, where I’ll give you MY TAKE on our show’s topics and give you-- the viewer-- a chance to interact with our show.
•So tune in at GayChicagoTV.com and see why when it comes to LGBT politics, you can always use a little more Critical Thinking.

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