Title: Watching the Rain

Artist: Lou NanLi (aka. B6)

Lou Nanli is an electronic artist and media artist . Graduated from China Academy of Art in 2004. Since 1999, he’s already started creating electronic music and sound art work under well-known nick name “B6”. In 2008, he started to work on multi-media installations and conceptual art. Watching the Rain is an interactive new media installation that brings together audio, visual and tactile sensorial elements. A storm starts things off: with the premonition of rain, followed by rain dripping onto the ceiling project, and reaching the climax of the storm putting great pressure on the space and the audience. Afterwards the rain slows down and goes away, the new cycle follows and repeats itself. The spectator receives a distinctive sensorial experience that goes between actual and virtual space.



楼南立是中国著名电子音乐家与媒体艺术家. 毕业于中国美术学院, 现居上海.1999年开始使用著名代号 “B6” 进行电子音乐与声音艺术创作. 2008年开始涉及多媒体装置与观念艺术。“看雨”这件互动多媒体装置把声音、视觉以及触觉感应几个元素结合起来,以一场急速真实的暴雨开始体验:雨的征兆出现,雨点由疏到密打在观众头顶的屏幕上,让整个空间充满天气带来的强大紧迫感。四周包围观众的声音仿佛真实的来自脚下的草坪,头顶的雨墙,这些毫无人造器乐的自然之声也形成了某种音乐性。在真实与虚拟之间,观众将体验到视觉、声音、触感的交错。

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