An animated storyboard I did for my FMP 294: Story Development for Game Design.

For this project, we had to take a classic game and put it into a genre completely different from it's original source. I decided to do a spin off the original game Frogger and turn it into a action-adventure platform game.
In the game, the main character is Frogger, a military veteran who lives with his wife and unhatched eggs in a riverbed. Frogger is slightly damaged from a previous war he fought in for several years, but he is relieved to start a family of his own. However, a notorious gang leader named Cannibal Croc (the main protagonist) gathers a large enough army of gangs to steal the river territory and oppress its citizens. Along the way, Cannibal steals Frogger’s wife and eggs. Frogger must reflect on his past military skills in order to rescue his family and lead rebels against the reign of gang leaders

Art and Story by me, Elizabeth Vegh
Voice acting provided by my friends and family
Music by Kevin Macleod

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