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Welcome to "My minute" !

You can CREATE your own version.

I was working on a new way on editing. I edited the video with all the images in reverse. And at the end I have put all the pictures on the right side. I was happy to see lots of surprises…
This video was shot in 2 days. It's very simple... Just fragments.
The concept was to create a short video (60 seconds) with a second by shot.
During the edition I said to myself ; "it would be interesting to see differents version about this video".
That's why I suggest to you to give you all the images... So you could create your own version.

All the information you need here :

1 : Watch the first Version of "My Minute" :

2 : Download all the shot here (You need a vimeo Account) :
Password : yourownvision
Number of shot : 60.

Duration of each shot : 1 second
Use all the shot to create 60 seconds.
You can't reverse the shot (keep it on the right side) & you can't use the same shot twice.

3 : Create your own version of "my Minute" on your software (Final cut pro, Vegas, Premiere....)

4 : Subscribe to this channel and send your version in the Shout box :
You also can send me the version here :

I will share your version on my page on Facebook.

Now you can create your version !

CREDIT " Original version by Gioacchino Petronicce "

IMPORTANT : you have to keep the same duration for each shot. You have to use all the shot and you can't use the same shot twice. You can't reverse the shot please & no split screen.


Shot on Canon 7D & 5D mark III (zeiss 50 mm 1.4)
HD 1:00
Gioacchino Petronicce

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