UPDATE: Upon completion of this project, I was commissioned by Missy Higgins' record label to create the lyrics video for her most recent single, "Set Me On Fire." Watch it here! vimeo.com/53438390


Several years ago I went to see Missy Higgins, an artist whose music I had loved for quite some time, play in Cleveland. Despite knowing that I say idiotic things when I'm nervous, I was persuaded to approach her for a photo after the show. She said she blinked. I said I'd Photoshop her eyes open. It was weird for all of us. Not too long ago I decided that the pinnacle of my career would be to someday work on a video for her. This is intended to serve as both a public apology for that awkward moment and a plea for Missy to consider hiring me for future editing needs.

original song: MALLORY SANMARCO
director of photography: CALEB CROSSEN
additional illustrations/production assistance: STEPHANIE CROSSEN
foley sound: GEOFF YAW and CALEB CROSSEN

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