The concept of a transition can be interpreted in many ways. I chose to work with the elements of paint for the texture and fluid density.
I centered it around the glass black head in ambiguity for a few reasons, first of all because I didn’t want to make the piece too obvious, second because I was trying to stress the action of transition.

Using splattered painted sheet of opposites of black and white in the background of the piece it was pretty obvious to make the piece an abstract monochromatic one.

My son Johnny whom I nickname “Moogie” created the background music. We put him on the plane to Israel on the 3rd and so I wanted to put a piece of him in the project.

Once again, there is a small appearance of the clock as to add to my own signature into the piece and because it fit so well into the theme.

There are many ways to interpret the pouring of white paint onto a black head and then washing it off in a passionate triumph as a transition.

We can look at this in terms of race, art, form, and flow.

I am not going to impose any meaning of my own but as this is an abstract piece I will leave that up to the viewer.

The greatest challenges of this piece were the requirements of how the shots were to be done.

I believe I got most of them in, I am not sure if I got all of them, then again I like the way the piece came out so I am not going to stress over it.

I wish I had a little more freedom, I don’t like to have to use so many close ups. I think people rely on too many close up shots as a crutch used by those who don’t know how to line up a good wide shot.
Yet, this was still a fun piece to make, not my most brilliant but still and interesting exercise.

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