An Excerpt from Bertie - A Road Safety Film

*Contains scenes some may find upsetting.*

I was commissioned to produce a short drama for road safety educators to use as a classroom resource. The brief was challenging; to create a short film of no longer than 25 minutes that showed life changing events caused by mundane and easily preventable errors.

The fire brigade were particularly keen to impress on viewers the horror that follows a serious collision - you'd be forgiven for thinking the crash is part you should fear most, but imagine being trapped in your seat, seriously injured and unable to help your unconscious child. You suffer for what feels like hours before the emergency services reach you - and once they do, your rescue is violent and terrifying.

// .My Roles: Writer | Director | Camera Operator | Editor | Animator | Composer (and 'actor'!)
// .Client: BYFA | Cheshire East Council | Connexions | Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service
// .Software: Avid MC v3.0 | After Effects CS3 | Cinema 4d | Magic Bullet Looks

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