Android has made great advances the last couple of years, and is one of the major actors in the phone ad tablet markets.
The main programming language on Android is Java. Android offers a comprehensive API to apps running on the Dalvik VM. The API covers a large part of the Java standard library in addition to Android specific APIs. Android includes tooling to convert Java .class files to Dalvik VM compatible class files.
Ruboto uses JRuby to allow you to run Ruby scripts on the Dalvik VM. Using Ruby code, you have access to the complete Android API.
Currently, there are two offerings: ruboto and ruboto-irb. Ruboto is a framework and tool chain to develop stand-alone Android apps in Ruby. Ruboto-IRB is an interactive Ruby environment for learning, exploration, development, and testing.
This presentation will introduce the different parts of Ruboto:
Hello World
Development tools
Combine Java and Ruby in the same project
There is a lot happening both on Android, JRuby, and Ruboto, and I'd like to present the last months development, and present the road map for the project.
See what Ruboto has to offer.

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