A portrait of a city through the eyes of someone struggling to adjust.

Early this summer an inspired new beginning saw me move to Innsbruck with high hopes. Around 4 or 5 weeks in I hadnt secured work, had no friends here and was struggling with the language barrier. Days got shorter and nights got longer. Often just to get out of the house to save my sanity, I took the bike late at night and explored the beautiful city and watched it pass before me. Often I would find myself still in the city at 5 or 6 or 7 am, Smoking and watching the commuters arrive at the station. I felt alienated, alone, lost and trapped. Like someone outside a fish tank watching the busy little fish oblivious to the viewers existence.
I decided to try and express what I felt with my camera.
This idea turned out to be my saving grace. I was out as many nights as the weather would allow and kept me busy and semi sane until I finally sold my camera .
The editing actually pulled me out of the hole I had been in and gave me so much more that I had anticipated in the beginning. I am not sure how I feel about the result. Light pollution put paid to any hope of star trails and I never managed to catch a sunrise although who knows how many cloudy morning I sat by the water waiting.
But the process. The process has given me something I couldn`t have got in any other way.
Motivation. Plus the confidence to be alone and just do my thing.

The HD compression is not good. Apologies for the bad renditions in the shadows but the uploading altered to original. Im sorry but I don^t have funds for an upgraded account which I believe gives premium quality.
Comments and criticism welcomed.

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