Screened at the Hawaii International Film Festival and the `Ohina Short Film Showcase

Shot with a RED camera, 7D.
Edited with Vegas Video

Directed, Cut & Colored by
Gerard Elmore

Written by
Eric Yokomori

Tyler Tanabe as Milman
Maxwell Smart as Jothbo
Travis Rose as Hrothgar
Sam Paulson as Mr. Carlson
Mericia Palma Elmore as Bank Teller

Director of Photography
Shawn Hiatt

Opening FX Shot
Hyperspective Studios
Todd Robertson
Erich Nemcek

Gerard Elmore
Mericia Palma Elmore
Shawn Hiatt
Vince Keala Lucero
Keoki Smith
Cedric Fujita
Mark Morgan

Associate Producer
Roman Cortez

Second Unit DP/Camera Operator:
Vince Keala Lucero

Steadcam operator/Camera Operator:
Mark Morgan

Art Director
Cedric Fujita

Keoki Smith

Grips, Jacob Holcomb, Misa Tupou, Triton Oshiro

Tom Visser

Sound design
Max Ebersbach

"Watch TV"
Mellow Out EP 2011
Written and Performed by Josh Ottum Available on iTunes and Amazon stores.

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