Jon Danzig edited and narrated this video extracted from 'Drakes Venture', starring John Thaw as Sir Francis Drake, to promote the replica of the Golden Hinde treasure ship.

That film featured the full scale replica of The Golden Hinde, which later sailed around the USA as a floating educational museum. My video was shown to thousands of visitors as part of their tour of the great ship.

The feature film, "Drakes Venture", has only ever been broadcast twice on TV -- once in the UK in 1980, and once in the USA in 1983. It's not even available on DVD, which is a great shame, as the full length film is a masterpiece and historically accurate. Unfortunately, the film was Westward Television's last production before it lost its TV franchise -- and the film seems to have been lost with it.

The replica of The Golden Hinde featured in the video is now permanently docked on the River Thames in London, where it is a major tourist attraction. More details at

New: a higher quality of this film will be uploaded soon.

Video produced, written and narrated by Jon Danzig. Segments from the film, "Drakes Venture". Extracts from Drake’s Venture (Westward Television) courtesy of and (c) South West Film and Television Archive

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