Here is a step-by-step video explaining how to build the Minor/Major scene (a Synth-like controller that you can see in action at the end of the Teaser here:, using Beatsurfing and only the ThumbJam App (through CoreMIDI).

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(*1) The Slave app we use here is Thumbjam, but any CoreMIDI enabled Synth app works with this tutorial.
You can also map the controller to an Ableton rack, a MIDI keyboard/Synth, etc...

(*2) The Slave app will continue being active. Select 'new scene' in your Beatsurfing welcome panel.

(*3) The color-codes is used to show that the upper triggers (the yellow rounds) only act on the 'middle' yellow square. It's the only note that will change, but the change in interval will transform all the minor chords to major chords. Blue squares remain unchanged by the triggers.

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