Is the 5DIII usable for slow motion? How does it compare in 1080p? How is FCPX's sharpening? - I put the Canon 5D Mark III and the Sony NEX-5n head to head to find out.
Lens used was the Samyang 85mm f1.4.

-The 720p from the 5D is the best we've had from any Canon so far, (I'm not sure about any of the cinema series or the 1D series cameras from Canon, both of which I have not used due to price.) it's soft but very usable, especially if shooting with shallow DOF and when sharpening in post.
-FCPX's sharpening filter does a pretty good job and seems to look the most natural at 2.5, but still looks nice up to 5 but I would not go above that.
-Looks to me like the NEX will still be my slow motion camera but I won't hesitate to use the 5DIII for slow motion if needed.
-Another thing I noticed is that the 5n seems to have a higher dynamic range than the 5D, I will need to try out the 5D with a super flat picture style and see how it compares.

AVCHD Gamma Issues:
(In FCPX's native colour corrector's exposure tab, bring the blacks up by 6% and bring the highlights down by 8%. - Thanks to Andrew Reid and sfrancis928)
Just a note, using the same method on 5D footage does not bring back any detail like it does on the 5n.

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