Abstract video of aircraft landing at Manchester (UK) airport. Filmed at dusk, the landing lights shimmer against a Rothkoesque backdrop of the sunset. Shot with my DSLR camera – the lens was “hunting” and unable to focus on the landing lights of the aircraft and runway – leading to the “bokeh” or coloured spots of light. This serendipitous effect could only be seen in the viewfinder, not in reality, and I purposely shot the rest of the video defocused.

This video is symbolic of the pollution which caused the wonderful sunset colours. Airports contribute to both light and air pollution: incidences of cancer owing to the large particles in the atmosphere surrounding airports are increased within the local population.

“Beautiful but Deadly” is a reworking of my video “Landing” shown at the Punto y Raya international abstract film festivals in Madrid, 2011, and in Barcelona in 2012.

Music "Flicker" by Origamibirohttp://freemusicarchive.org/music/Origamibiro/Flicker_EP/01_-_Flicker

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