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Song title: Gamble
Music: a SaBo-FX original
Video (edit): SaBo-FX

Models in this video (in order of appearance):
[ya sistah]
Cristina Cass
Alli Marie
Carlye Denise
Megan Medellin
Courtney Nikole

Music Background info:
In case anyone wonders, the voice (and screams) from the intro came from the movie: Black Dynamite.
It's been a while since I last released an original track. I was playing around with my Vocodex plugin when I found the inspiration to compose this into a full-blown song.
The vocoder effect distorts the lyrics beyond recognition. I challenge you to decipher them into the original text. If you do manage to do this, I'll modify this description to specifically mention your name here.
I think the song (melody) could also sound interesting in the form of a dubstep remix. I tried to do it myself but I suck at producing dubstep. If you have experience in composing dubstep, and feel like giving it a shot, leave a PM or comment. I can provide the separate audio tracks of this song to you.
The music during the credits/outro is actually the intro of an unfinished track that I was working on some years ago. I always liked the beginning and I´m happy that it has not gone to waste ;-) now.

Video Background info:
About the (slot machine) intro; I was working on a video commercial for local snack bar. They asked me to introduce some new milkshake flavors. At that time I had just purchased an After Effects plugin from Video Copilot called Element 3D. I thought it would be an interesting challenge to present the new flavors as fruit in a slot machine. I was so happy with the results, that I would later reuse the slot machine effect for the intro of this video. The intro also helped to come up with the song title ´Gamble´.
The main video consists out of images from five beautiful models. One of which ´Megan Medellin´ should look familiar to regular viewers of my productions. I cannot get enough of her inviting looks. I did my best to put more variation into this video by changing the model at each shot. Furthermore I refrained myself from adding any special effects because the timing of the edits should be sufficient to create a connection with the music.
I put some extra effort into the outro of this song. I can only hope that viewers will not exit the video prior to watching the credits. I´m really impressed with the possibilities of the Element 3D plugin (for AE) also when it comes to rendering slick looking 3D text. Also I felt the need to explicitly show my appreciation for Playboy for providing an endless stream of inspiring videos to work from. The animated Playboy bunny was created by converting a hi-res bitmap of the Playboy logo with 'Vector Magic' into an Adobe Illustrator compatible format. This file format is also accepted by After Effects CS6 to be turned into a shape layer which can then be given extrusion depth in the new Ray-trace mode.

Credits / disclaimer:
I need to credit Playboy for providing the high quality footage for this video! For several reasons, I had to cut out most the juicy bits from the original footage. I don't need a lawsuit from Playboy. But don't let me stop you from fetching the uncensored videos from Note that access requires a paid subscription.

Software used in this production:
* Cakewalk Sonar 8.5.3
* VST Re-FX Nexus 2
* VST Re-FX Vanguard
* VST MeldaProduction Dynamic Equalizer
* VST Camel Phat filter
* VST ImageLine Vocodex
* VST Stylus RMX
* Cakewalk Z3TA+ sfx
* Adobe Audition CS6
* Adobe After Effects CS6
* AE plugin Video Copilot Element 3D
* AE plugin Video Copilot Optical Flares
* AE plugin Red Giant TrapCode Shine
* AE script Magnum The Edit Detector
* Adobe Photoshop CS6
* Adobe Illustrator CS6
* ffmpeg
* Vector Magic Desktop Edition

Thanx & greetz:
* My girlfriend Hoda for reviewing the video, giving honest feedback and putting up with my obsessive behavior in general.
* My friends & co-workers for giving honest feedback on video on this production
* Amsterdam VIP Service™ for their continuous support!

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