The mission of CCF is to help grow a diverse creative landscape while providing exposure, resources, and opportunities in the design and creative fields.

Columbus is the home to more than 50,000 painters, writers, designers, and creators. We paint the city with our words and light up the town with our designs. Our creativity controls the city. The creative landscape is changing and we want to make our mark.

The Creative Control Fest is a grassroots initiative that seeks to promote diversity and inclusion in design and other creative fields while bringing together the soul of the design community. Attendees can expect exciting, fresh speakers, workshops, performances, and vendors culminating in an exclusive concert featuring some of Ohio's best talent.

I need my friends, community and creatives to help me spread the word so that this event can be one of the marquee events in the city like ComFest, Juneteenth, Urban Scrawl, and the Arts Festival - and I think it can be done!

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