Full article over at Gizmag: gizmag.com/video-exclusive-leonard-grigoryan-tests-paul-kinnys-stereo-acoustic-guitar/11857/

We've separated the tracks out so you can hear what each microphone adds to the mix:

Right dynamic mic (Shure Beta 58): accentuates the big bass frequencies coming out of the extra resonant chamber on the Kinny guitar.

Left dynamic mic (Shure Beta 58): accentuates trebles and string noises.

Both dynamic mics panned L-R: here's where the stereo effect becomes obvious, listening to this in headphones is something like the experience of playing the guitar.

Both dynamics in stereo pan plus condenser (Neumann TLM 103): The condenser adds a nice room sound. This is the final mix we used on the MP3s at the Gizmag article.

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