A filter-free patch in a DPO, Maths, Echophon, Optomix and Brains/Pressure Points mini-system (a contact mic (not from Make Noise, bottom right) is also used).


Sines from the DPO's two VCOs sent to Maths channels 2 & 3 and mixed at the Sum output --> Echophon signal input. Echophon out --> Optomix signal in. Signal out: speakers.

A mult of the Echophon's output is sent to VCO-A's Exponential FM input and VCO-B's Linear FM input.

Pressure Points' T-Gate is triggering Maths' Channel 1 envelope (and re-triggering Channel 4, which is self-cycling). The Press output is controlling the Fall times of both Maths envelopes. Row 1 is modulating the Echophon's pitch shifter, Rows 2 and 3 are patched to VCOs A and B 1v/oct. .

Maths Channel 4 LFO is setting the Echophon's feedback amount and the sequence's direction.

Tapping the contact mic advances the sequence position and pings the Optomix's Strike input.


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