This is my 3rd basketball highlight video, after SABAS and MAGIC vs BIRD.

Greg Oden is my favorite basketball player, and I have never been as invested emotionally with another athlete. As a Portlander, the overall Oden Experience has been traumatic at times, and yet I find myself reliving all the wonderful moments when Greg unleashed monster dunks and ruthless blocks. For me Greg Oden will always be a part of Rip City, and if his story is a tragedy, it is a tragedy thoroughly entwined with what it means to be a Portland Trailblazers fan.

featuring Jon Farley as The Narrator

Jon Farley photographed by Michelle Vincig

songs from the TRON LEGACY and THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY soundtracks

clips borrowed from YouTube

I do not own any of these clips or songs (except for the red-lit footage of Jon Farley; I do own that). If you ask me to remove the video on these grounds, I will do so.

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