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This past summer I had the privilege to capture and put together a short love story for a very close friend of mine, who also happens to work as a deejay. Cenzina and Mark had just met when I reacquainted with Mark. His first words were, "You will be my videographer one day". Sure enough, he kept his word. Mark and I go way back a few years, and over those years I got to really learn more about him. I got to know his obsession to sport memorabilia, quirks and most importantly his entertaining personality. Along the way, while familiarizing myself with his lifestyle, I knew immediately then that Cenzina was the one that Mark would eventually marry.

During this shoot, we touched on many aspects of life that mattered to the both of them. Although, there was so much more I could have done to make this really happen, I decided to keep this story true and simple. As you shall see from the film, Cenzina and Mark both live very simple lives and it's the littlest things that they enjoy doing together. There is a lot of reference to Kensington Market in this story because this is the area were Mark was raised since he was born. The setting was just perfect. It really is a place where the two of them enjoy spending leisure time. A special thank you goes to Albano Martins photography for allowing our crew to tag along. Check them out at

Here is a tale of two love birds that met at a special event where Mark was deejaying. Who knew Mark would meet his fate at a time and place while spinning discs. Our lives our truly made up of chapters. I'm very excited to share this with you. I guess what makes this feature a little extra special is that we incorporated the real tapping of his actual proposal. Hope you all enjoy it.

Music licensed through The Music Bed, 2012

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