Footage: Josh Jones
Edit: Jordan Sanchez, Jordan Minardi, Noel Sinclair Boyt
Music: Banana Split

NB: For everyone who is dying to know, what is "VIC'S MARKET"?
JS: There was a convenience store in my hometown of Snohomish, WA that my friends and I would skate to every day as kids. This modest, slightly run down store was a diamond in the rough, and would always carry little gems that the popular, big name stores would never think to have on their shelves. These type of stores exist all over the world, but compared to big chains are few and far between. Ours was called Vic's Market, and there was something special about it. Nowadays, the name Vic's Market is also used to define a small group of men in Everett, WA. A group of men that tirelessly scour the streets for anything and everything to ride a skateboard on. These skateboarders will continue to hold up the true meaning of the name by providing quality, original product in an unassuming manner...Serious stuff, I know.

NB: What do you love about the VX1000?
JS: The VX1000 has stood the test of time and proven itself to be a valuable part of skateboarding forever. It gives skateboarding a very unique feel. I can't really explain it... you just know when you see it. I currently own three VX1000's and my wife thinks I am insane.

NB: What's the deal with the portable ipod speakers on the session? I always felt like the "ghetto blaster" at the session was a bit contrived and awkward…but for some reason, those ipod speakers just seem like subtle background music that was already playing at the spot or something…
JS: Music helps ease the tension between a dysfunctional skate crew...and music is just a basic necessity.

NB: What's so great about Everett skateboarding wise?
JS: Everett is great because it is kind of a big town, and kind of a small city. It has a ton of random little things to skate and cheap places to get great food. Everett just has a good vibe whether you're skateboarding or not.

NB: What's up with the new BLVD am video? I'm excited to see you and Fantasia in the same video finally…awesome collision!!!
JS: Yeah, that video is supposed to come out next month. Should be pretty rad...all the BLVD dudes rip.

NB: So what now? New projects? New hobbies?
JS: Just been filming and skating a lot this summer...Vic's Market part deux coming next year. I’ve been camping a bunch too, which has been awesome. Been golfing quite a bit lately too. Golf drives me insane but I love it. Sort of like skateboarding, golf takes a very long time to master, but progressing in it one small step at a time is definitely rewarding.

NB: What's your favorite piece in the Autumn/Winter line right now?
JS: I'm really hyped on all the sweaters and henley shirts like the Kalvin and the Demonte. It's rad because all of the COMUNE stuff is very well made with quality materials.

NB: Why Washington?
JS: I am originally from Washington, so it's home. Besides that though, I have seen quite a bit of the U.S. and I haven't found a more relaxing place that has so much green and is close to the ocean, the mountains and a big city. You can pretty much do whatever you want around here and only have to drive 2 hours at the very most to do it. Also, I like how Washington has a full range of seasons…it keeps you sane. It does rain a lot here, but it really is a blessing in disguise.

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