The Jahcobie Cosom prodigy is a poetic documentary about my epic battle with stage 4 nasopharyngeal cancer, obesity, sexuality and environment.. It is time that I take the hidden recorder and play back the journey that has lead me to where I am now. I am going back through different periods in my life in my life to interview those who knew me- therapist, doctors, crushes, teachers, friends and places like weigh loss camps and school, institutions, and recovery programs that have marked my journey. It chronicles the emotional and physical journey as well as the turning points and lessons that have given me the will to continue. I have a story that needs to be told and I cant do it alone.

My hope is that by documenting my experience with cancer, obesity, sexuality and how coming from a community where poverty, suicide, incarceration, addiction, homophobia and racism has led me to marry the arts and has saved my life. I want to reveal these chapters in my life so hopefully another person who has or is dealing with cards that they didn't chose can regain hope and keep resilience, perseverance and march toward there dreams. This is a time when us as artist need not to lean into societies standard but declare our own revolution. It is time that I tell life on life's terms even with the shame, guilt and fear that comes with it.

I know in my heart that this is the time for my story to be told. I refuse to be imprisoned by the struggles in my life. These tragedies were a blessing in many ways. It was a gateway to what the world could be. The world needs hope and hopefully I can help.

But this is where I need your help. I am trying to raise $25,000 to move into production for my documentary. I am tag teaming with one a great friend of mine who is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago for Film/ Video Jessica Estelle Huggins. She has witnessed the ups and down of not only my battle with cancer, but also obesity and has continued to give me strength to keep going. Jessica will be the creative producer.

None of the money raised will go toward any personal expenses. They are for getting a basic equipment package like a camera, lights, steadicam, mic and an operating system, hardware and things required to produce quality images. Also a very small part will be used to cover travel expenses to Boston, LA, Northern California, New York, NJ and appropriate places for interviews and footage. I also will be collaborating with different visual, dance and musical artist.
What ever you can give would be a blessing. It would give me the opportunity to for The Jahcobie Cosom Prodigy documentary to have its first breath.

Whatever you can give would be a blessing.

I ask that you please share this campaign with everyone around you and in your networks. If you cant give funds it is okay. Spread the word. If you have sky miles or points to contribute please do not hesitate to get in contact us. If you have anything that you would like to donate to the cause even an inspiring message or personal story it is things like this that will keep this film alive.

Also feel free to check out my website, my reel, videos on line, facebook page.

You are a blessing. I thank you again.

3 hugs,
2 kisses
1 love


Also I would like to point out that those who donate $1,000 or more get access to a special event that you will not want to miss. Just a little hint- you will see the stars.

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