This is Screen 1 from a two screen installation of 'Out of thin air'

New video-art work for a gallery setting. 3D video (red and cyan glasses needed) shown here as split screen, but intended for gallery installation as two separate screens.

This is the third collaboration between Gabriel Klasmer and Shira Klasmer , artist and photographer, father and daughter.

This video is in reference to sculpture; the fragility, materiality and sense of volume.
Out of darkness objects appear, caught by the flash of light, not as images but as realities, as presences of what only exists, in the imaginary field of vision between the left and right eye.

The video work reflects the sense of play, which is in the nature of this collaboration; the spirit of that leap into the void of making art.

Video installation exhibited at Gallery Givon in Tel-Aviv, Israel in August 2012.

Editor: Haim Litani

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