Data Visualisation is a powerful method for analysing and presenting large quantities of information - and with the continued explosion of "big data" tools to help make better sense of the data are a necessity. Over the last year Daden have been looking at how immersive spaces can be used to provide an alternative to the 2D tools which are so common today. The result is the launch of Datascape.

Users can visualise and interact with data from almost any source and from any domain including financial, political, technical, scientific, health and social media. Data can be imported from spreadsheets and databases or even taken from live feeds.

Datascape’s 3D environment enables a large volume of data to be displayed, whilst still giving access to individual data points and their rich data – which in the Pro version is over 65,000 points and over 10 dimensions of information. There is also a free Community edition which can plot a maximum of 6,000 data points.

Read the press release and instructions on how to download the free community version of this product here:

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